Fundraiser for The Coxs and Capannaris

May 3, 2019

We are hosting this Fundraiser at The Blind Pig (24W 3rd Street, Cincinnati, OH) on Friday May 3rd. Come enjoy a nice Friday night with friends while helping raise money for both families. There will be goodie baskets to be raffled off and split the pot. Additionally, West Side Brewery is having an event at The Blind Pig on Friday May 3rd. For every purchase of a West Side Brewery beer, $1 will be donated by Blind Pig to the families.

We will have baskets to raffle off and two rounds of split the pot:

Basket tickets will be pulled at 8 PM
Split the pot will be pulled at 6PM and 8PM
Blind Pig is donating $1 of each West Side Brewery beer purchased ALL DAY/NIGHT so no official end time.

Cash will be accepted in addition to Venmo.
Venmo account: @Capi-Cox-Fundraiser

For those who don’t know what happened:

Around 11 - 11:30pm on Saturday night April 6th, Lisa and Joe Capannari and Mike and Jenny Cox were driving home from dinner when they were rear-ended on Anderson Ferry sending the Capannari's van off the road and directly into a telephone pole. To make matters worse, the driver of the other vehicle sped off with no regard for the condition of the four people he or she left injured.

Among the 4 passengers in the van, they were treated for fractured sternums, ribs, femurs, hips, knees, vertebrae, hands, wrists, and a collapsed lung. 3 of the 4 people in the car have been released from the hospital last week and have started the recovery process.

Jenny Cox, however, is still in the hospital. Jenny has quite a list of injuries that have been coming to the surface since the initial wreck. Right away, it was known that there were broken bones all over her body but the most devastating was the fracture of both of her femurs. The right femur was fractured close to the hip and the left femur was a compound fracture closer to the knee. Due to these fractures and the many other injuries she sustained, Jenny will be unable to walk for rest of the year.

In addition to the many injuries sustained by all passengers, the Capannari van as well as Joe's wheelchair were totaled from the crash. Joe's van and wheelchair are both custom modified in order to accommodate Joe's disability. These modifications are not only expensive, but they also take several months to complete. In the meantime, Joe will have to rent or borrow transportation when absolutely necessary (i.e. doctors appointments).

Despite their great misfortune, both family's spirits are incredibly high. With positive attitudes, they're determined to take on the challenges each face ahead.

Friends, Family, and even strangers have contacted both families involved to see what they can do to help in any way. We greatly appreciate all the love and support! A special shout out to the Tim Browne Memorial Fund who already made a very generous donation to help offset some expenses!

In response to all of the outreach, we have decided to create a Fundraiser for both families to help with any medical bills.

Any prayers for all those involved and their families would be greatly appreciated! To everyone who already reached out, we are extremely grateful.

Much love from the Cox and Capannari families and we hope to see you Friday May 3rd!


Some people have been asking how they can contribute if they’re unable to attend the event.

We have created a Venmo account for the event. If you feel inclined to make a gift to the fundraiser, feel free to send to the account: @Capi-Cox-Fundraiser.

Thanks everyone for reaching out!

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