Sarahdactyl & Droneroom

August 11, 2019

This Sunday let us whisk you away!
Prepare to be taken on a dream-like journey of sadness and passion, with haunting and sometimes ferocious vocals. Each song a story, sometimes self indulgent, of the intense need to process social dynamics through music, with Sarahdactyl!

Sarahdactyl is joined by Droneroom!

Droneroom is the solo project of Blake Edward Conley (Brother Ares, Spoon Thief, Lucy Stoner, the Minor Second, etc). droneroom utilizes loops combining melodies, drones, and prepared guitar techniques as well as snatches of vocals and found sounds to create a repeating yet evolving cascade of ambiance. droneroom began in 2012 as an attempt to chase the various sounds and moods Blake was unable to express in his band projects. In 2014 droneroom released the 'trying to remember what i remember' ep on bandcamp. This ep was recorded to tape via the steady hand of Dylan Simon. 2015 saw the release of the 'piss poor' single recorded by Keith Chandler and released on cassette via Sweet Sounds Records. 2018 provided the release of 'jesus year,' a 5 track song cycle intended to chronicle Blake's 33rd year on this earth. 2019 promises the release of the follow up album 'i'll make it up to you, i swear' via Somewhere Cold records. This album promises to be a darker turn, at points noisier than it's predecessor and featuring powerful drumming from Rachel Thode of Cincinnati's Slow Glows on two songs, in a display of aural anxiety. Luckily, Conley is able to alleviate this tension with moments of hopeful, pastoral beauty and a well worn confort in the sounds he makes.

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