Spitwad Angels at Lola's Downtown

June 15, 2019

Join us Saturday, June 15th at Lola's Downtown on 24 W 3rd St, for an evening set, from 7-8pm, by Spitwad Angels!

Spitwad Angels is a band formed thru the years with Brian Cammerer, Daryl Cammerer, and Miles Uroshevic. A certain breed of lo-fi music with the emphasis on love. thru out the years Brian has put out some 40 records via youtube keeping it at task so as to write more fluidly. The addition of Miles to what was simply a father son duo amped the band up and they immediatly recognized the worth. Fleshing songs with Miles who has quite a few records himself under the name grow horns, makes it a bit interesting with a dance between players. Expect new arrangements and high energy fun.

AND come and get 1/2 priced wines by the glass, and $1 off local craft cans!

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