Third Eye Thursdays at Lola's Hyde Park

May 30, 2019

Jessica Miller doesn’t remember a time that she wasn’t obsessed with divination and telling the future; as a young child, she began accurately telling the fortunes of other children on the playground using an improvised form of geomancy with woodchips.
By age nine she was reading tea leaves with proficiency; after purchasing her first tarot deck at age ten, she knew her fate was sealed as a diviner and that no other passion would ever compare.
Over the next 18 years, the passion has never died, and she is now deftly skilled in the areas of astrology, cartomancy, palmistry, lot casting, scrying, and other various divination techniques.

Jessica will be available for tarot readings on Thursdays, at Lola's Hyde Park, from 1pm to 5pm. Ten minute readings at Lola's cost $10, tips are always appreciated!

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