Veggie Entree


Dinner includes salad, choice of appetizer, entree and dessert.

Not the Regular Caesar:
Arugula, sesame dressing, confit cherries, sweet pickled red onion, focaccia croutons, parmesan

Choice of Appetizer:

  • BEEF | Skewer: Tenderloin, portobellos, smoked bacon, red onion, red bell pepper, provenzal
  • FISH | Cocktail: Shrimp, gouda, granny smith, celery, hearts of palm, salsa golf
  • VEGGIE | Pie: Brie-in-borche, tomato jam, fresh basil

Veggie Entree
Spiced red lentils, stuffed roasted and caramelized acorn squash, grilled cheesy cornbread, microgreens.

Orange Macaron with chocolate mousse and hazelnut cream over toffee sauce with Cointreau candy caviar

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Beef, Fish, Veggie